Version 0.3.0

That took a wee bit longer than expected, but oh well. The whole pandemic thing messed up a bit more than my just my smut writing plans.


  • Some of the nightly transformation scenes were kinda broken:
    • You were shown absolutely nothing at all if you hit exactly 70 feminization, which is… trivial to achieve. I don’t know how I missed that. Fixed now.
    • Chest size sometimes differed between nightly scenes and mirror inspection. Mirror reprimanded to no longer pretend your boobs are bigger than they actually are.
  • You can no longer fuck your mother without a cock. Sorry.
  • You can now go to the school toilets. Sometimes, people will force themselves onto you, other times you can seduce people.
  • You can fool around with Nathan on both Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • More shower scenes! On lower corruption levels, you can be jumped on by the local jock. The high corruption orgy has been slightly expanded too.
  • You can also fap at home, if somehow you’re still undersexed.
  • The succubus semen trade is less glitchy now.
    • Cock size will have an effect on some scenes where you’re the penetrating party.
  • Getting completely rid of your cock now triggers a proper transformation scene.

All of this gives you enough of a scene variety to be able to reach some of the good ends. Not all of them are written out yet, but the most straightforward one (keep your corruption <70 by not engaging in incest, then finish the tome yourself) is fully written out.

Roadmap for 0.4.0

  • Finish the other good ends that are or will be accessible in this version.
  • Allow careless players to manage their corruption in the church.
  • Add the mall and related content – clothes and toys. It probably won’t be a full-blown inventory system like some other games, because I tend to get too bored keeping track of those, it’ll just be a few sets.
    • The mall will probably get toilet sex scenes mostly similar to school ones. A different kind of sexual encounter will come later.
  • This is probably a good point to add a sex encounter tracker.

Not much story content here, but it’ll lay groundwork for other character stories.