Version 0.4.1

A small-ish update, about 3k words, to introduce the player to the wonderful world of fleshlights… and creepy people in porn stores. Chuck’s one of those characters that weren’t planned to be in the game in the first place, but he’s having his uses, and might see more content in the future. For now, he gets one optional scene when you buy a fleshlight. 5 corruption required, which should be hard to impossible to not have by the point you can buy it; at over 50 corruption you can no longer opt out of it.

Subsequent uses of the fleshlight during the evening masturbation scene will lower femininity, but only by a single percent point. It’s not meant to reverse feminization, just to slow it down.

Overall, a pretty small update, but I realized it’s been three weeks already, and I figured I’d better push out something before the schedule slips further. Real life has not been kind these last weeks, but when has it been? I’ll hope I can at least maintain the current speed for a while.

Full Changelog

  • All downloads now have the hotfix for 0.4.0 succubus sex scene breaking for some options. It was hotfixed for the direct download and online versions, but not for the various mirrors.
    • This will probably continue, f95 etc. require various mirrors and sometimes add more without notifying me; stick to the official versions if possible
  • After the introductory scene at the porn store, you can visit it again and buy (or “buy”) a fleshlight. It gives a new option for the evening fap.