Version 0.4.2

Another small update, about 3.5k words worth of glory hole content. This covers about half the scenarios outlined in the roadmap, solo fun and single-client servicing. More in the next update, I think then it’s time for the new character to make her debut, before we finish up with more toys and the remaining scenes.

Quite some time was spent on tooling, I’ve now got a custom linter up and running that helps with catching bugs/typos, which hopefully will make the game need less hotfixes in the future. (inb4 this release needs one.) It did find a bunch of minor bugs that apparently nobody noticed yet, so that’s… good? Probably.

The game is also slowly starting to make some money on ko-fi and itch, but we’re still quite a chunk away from getting any meaningful amount of art commissioned. That said, any amount helps, and the more people chip in, the faster it goes. So please consider dropping a dollar or three on either ko-fi or itch.

Full Changelog

  • 2 of 3 glory holes in the porn store are now open for business, after your first visit to it.
  • There was a lot of refactoring under the hood to clean up the code and avoid some potential performance issues in the future; none of this should break anything, but I can’t guarantee it.