Version 0.4.6

We’re hitting the home run on the porn store related content now, tying up a few loose ends:

  • Vin’s tome ending is now properly written out. I forgot to mention it in the roadmap, but it was already in the game anyway (just unreachable before 0.4), and now’s a good time to wrap it up.
  • You can now buy (or “buy”) a dildo; as with the fleshlight, there’s an optional sex scene with Chuck when buying it.
    • While the fleshlight decreases femininity, the dildo increases it.
    • I probably should do another balancing pass at some point, as it stands now, you can get about +5 femininity per day from all the various bonuses. On one hand, all of it is optional, on the other, it’s getting awfully fast.
  • The final glory hole scene is in now, letting the player get spitroasted.

You’ll also find some minor text changes in the prologue: While sketching out the artworks for it, some poses ended up being changed, to be more visually appealing.

Which brings us to the mandatory commercial break: The first two pictures are finished, with more on the way; the raw pictures have already been available on Subscribestar. So far, the audience is limited to a grand total of two subscribers, who will also get 0.4.6 with those pictures in it. Please consider subscribing if you want to see more, or just donate on the other platforms to get more art commissioned: Art will be commissioned in blocks, and each time one block gets finished, older blocks will be made available publicly, so the more donations come in, the faster the current artworks will be made public:

If you donated more than $5 on itch or ko-fi, let me know on Discord, I’ll give you the current subscribestar build. I’ll try to figure out how to automate this, but I’ve no idea how long that’ll take, and whether or not it works retroactively.

Text-only versions will remain free, and continue as per the roadmap; no changes here.

Speaking of the roadmap, with all the odds and ends ticked off, it leaves only the buttplug scenes for the 0.4.x roadmap. This will be a bit involved, as the player probably will be able to wear it throughout the day, which means a lot of scenes will need to be rewritten to account for it. I might split this out into multiple chunks (buying+masturbating, school/mall, others).

Full Changelog

  • I ended up rewriting the entire UI, to make it possible for the images to be resized on the fly to fit the different viewing conditions on desktop vs. mobile devices. I think there’s no bugs in it, but I might have overlooked something.
  • The start screen tells you whether you have the subscribestar version with all images, or not.
    • Since the subscribestar and free builds have different file names, browsers will keep separate save games for each version. Export/import saves to move them between versions, or rename the subscribestar file to Cambion.html.
  • Various typos were fixed. Oops.
  • The prologue now has two pictures in it, and the text has been slightly rewritten to better fit the pictures.
  • With 50 or more corruption, glory holes now offer a spitroast scene.
  • 10 corruption or 70 femininity (i.e., working ­čî«) lets you buy a dildo.
    • With 35 corruption, or if you already agreed to Chuck’s request when buying the fleshlight, you can see an optional scene with him.
    • Masturbating with the dildo increases femininity.
  • Tome endings involving other characters (Nathan, John, Vin [new], Sarah [TBD]) can now be accessed with 50% tome progress, rather than 75%.
  • If you fully completed Vin’s introduction (unlocked the app), you can reach her ending that way.
    • It is considered a bad ending and contains a forced sex scene.