Version 0.4.7

As teased in the last release notes, the buttplug content is getting split up over multiple releases; there’s a ton of content to go through and evaluate whether or not a plug could be relevant for it or not.

For now, you can buy it (with yet another optional scene with Chuck), play with it, and choose whether or not you want to leave it in over night. None of the other scenes take it into account, but we’ll hopefully get there over the next release or three.

For that, the masturbation screen got the same “break up into categories” treatment that the home screens got last release, so you’re not getting lost with the total of now 7 options.

Which brings us to the mandatory commercial break: The first few pictures for the prologue’s initial sex scene are finished, with the remaining variants on the way; the raw pictures have already been available on Subscribestar. The subscriber (and paid itch) release will include these too, adding a nice bit of fresh content for those. I’m happy that both itch sales and subscribestar subscriptions are growing slowly but steadily now: If subscriptions stay at the current level, there will be at least one new piece of art every month. This will, hopefully, encourage people to continue staying subscribed, and if it keeps growing, we’ll hopefully be getting more art. So please subscribe if you can, or donate, or buy the current status on itch:

If you donated more than $5 on ko-fi, let me know on Discord, I’ll give you the current subscribestar build. Itch now supports the paid release, so that should be available automatically.

Text-only versions will remain free, and continue as per the roadmap; no changes here.

Speaking of the roadmap, I’ll probably add home and school related buttplug variations next time (which should also cover most mall content), and the rest later.

Full Changelog

  • I’m experimenting with a system to keep old save games more compatible with updates. If you load an old version’s save game, go to bed first without touching any new content, and it should fix up any missing variables. This isn’t perfect, but if that works, I’ll see about making it more robust and automated.
  • With the UI rework last release, the tome links were categorized into different sections for morning and evening. Those are now fixed, to consistently put it in the same spot, and use icons consistently.
  • The same UI has been applied to the shower/masturbation “hub”, where you pick how you want to do it.
    • A quick scene in there lets you take out the plug if you’re wearing it. This doesn’t count as masturbation and allows re-visiting the scene on the same evening.
  • You can buy the butt plug in the porn store, so now all toys are done with, yay
    • There’s another semi-optional scene with Chuck when buying it. If you agreed to the other scenes or have a high enough corruption (40), it’s mandatory.
    • There’s a minor variation to it where you can pay yourself and still agree anyway.
  • Splelchkecing
  • Subscribers: The first sex scene in the prologue now has images on most routes, except for the anal one (coming soon)
  • All images, both the logos on the start screen and the subscriber artwork, are now webp, to keep file sizes manageable. It should be nigh-universally supported, but let me know if it breaks for you.