Version 0.4.8

Just when you think life gives you a break, it finds some new way to bullshit you. Yaaay.

I’m slowly getting things back on track, and as such this update is rather small in scope: Buttplug variations have been added to content at home, and all porn store related scenes (including all prostitution scenes). This leaves the scenes in school (including the toilet encounters shared with the mall), with John, and some of the endings. Hopefully, I actually will get some time to work on that soon.

On the subscriber side, the final variations for the initial prologue sex scene are done (and have been for a while), and are also included in the paid versions. That only leaves the revenge sex scenes (already on order), and we’re done with the prologue. After that will be a batch of images for the mirror, to actually show the transformation progress of the player character.

I’m grateful that both itch sales and subscribestar subscriptions have continued throughout this content draught, and I’ll be able to keep up art commissions at a pace of 1-2 per month, as promised last time. Please subscribe if you can, or donate, or buy the current status on itch:

If you donated more than $5 on ko-fi, let me know on Discord, I’ll give you the current subscribestar build. Itch now supports the paid release, so that should be available automatically.

Text-only versions will remain free, and continue as per the roadmap; no changes here. Ideally, we will wrap up the plug content in one more update, and then it’s finally time to take Sarah up on her offer for a sleepover.

Full Changelog

  • Subscribers: The first sex scene in the prologue now has images on all routes, including for the anal one
  • A few sex scenes accidentally referred to the PC’s womb when she didn’t have one yet, oops
  • Sex scenes at home (mom, dad, threesome) and related to the porn store (Vin, glory holes, prostitution) have buttplug variations where they make sense.