We’re on Subscribestar now \o/

(Where I already posted all this, if it sounds familiar. The staff wanted some meat on the profile to allow it.)

A recurring question/demand has been for artworks to be added to the game; I’ve been in talks with various artists while I watched the ko-fi donation bucket and the itch page.

I certainly can’t do the art myself, I can’t draw for shit, and AI isn’t quite there yet for the sort of consistent multi-character artworks the game needs to shine. The easy to use posers are also too limited (among other things, usually not gay enough), and something like Daz is complicated enough to warrant hiring an artist anyway.

So, I need to commission artworks from artists. Donations so far have been a trickle, and at the current rate it’ll take a year or more before I can get the first batch out, just to cover the prologue.

Subscribestar will hopefully get some more funding rolling, and speed up the process.

The base game will remain free, forever, but I’ll put up artwork batches behind SubscribeStar’s paywall. The first batch I’ll just cover myself, from then on, each new batch will be SubscribeStar exclusive, until the next one has been commissioned. Then that will become the patron only batch, and the old ones go public.

This will be mostly decoupled from the text content of the game: There’s looots of content to cover before we’ve caught up, and even if we do, everyone will get the texts, even if the art remains paywalled for now. I hope that strikes a fair balance between “subscribe to get all content” vs. “there’s enough free content to see what you’d be paying for”.

Timeline wise, the first batch will hit some time early next year, I’ll need to sort out some IRL problems first before I can start commissioning it, and the artist will need time to draw everything.