Version 0.3.1

“That took a wee bit longer than expected”, I said. “The whole pandemic thing messed up a bit”, I said. Well, so much for that. Two bloody years later, thingsā€¦ are even less normal, but they’re slowly reaching kinds of fucked up that I can handle again. Not sure if that’s a good thing.

This is certainly not the update I had promised all the way back, nor the update I wanted; but I had to pick something small and easy to get back into things again after all that time. I hope I can get back onto track after this, butā€¦ yeah. I’m glad if I can plan a day or two ahead, right now.


  • You can now try to teach the succubus new and strange concepts, like “casual sex that doesn’t kill people”. Needs to have over 1000 semen when you start bargaining with her.
    • Her morning/evening scenes were changed to account for it.
  • Some formatting in a few scenes was touched up, I doubt anyone’s gonna spot it.
  • Shower orgy scene now doesn’t involve John, I don’t want to make his story even harder to write by accounting for it during its pacing. It’s still a threesome though, so not much change.


What hasn’t changed, despite some complaints, is the rapid transformation speed. It is indeed much faster than it could be, but this early in development where there’s not much breadth, I don’t see a point in making people grind the same few scenes over and over again. As we reach something approximating reasonable breadth in content flavours and depth in at least a few more of them, the transformation and collection speeds will be rebalanced.

Roadmap for 0.4.0

Hasn’t changed compared to 0.3.0; the stuff added here was all new improvised optional content so it wouldn’t mess up the base game.