Version 0.3.2

Things that looked like a good idea yesterday tend to no longer seem so the day after; the same goes for good ideas from 2 years ago. Adding the sex stat tracker made me go and reformat and refactor a number of scenes to use Sugarcube’s nobr mode and proper HTML formatting, which drastically reduces the amount of random whitespace.

It also means a lot of effort went into things under the hood that aren’t exactly new content, but it should help with adding new content to these scenes later, which will hopefully happen as I flesh out more and more parts of the game.

But it’s not all nerd shit, some new scenes made it in: You can now reduce your corruption in church, and un-reduce your corruption by slutting it up at the mall. I’m sure players will pick the morally correct option. The other mall functions will be added in the next update, I hope.


  • Sex stats! Should be tracking all encounters including the prologue, and is available through the mirror.
  • A lot of scenes were refactored, removing random weird whitespace and padding.
  • If you take up a new name during Nathan’s route, your old deadname will be tracked, for scenes where you tell people outside school about your name change.
  • A small scene involving the succubus is added to Sarah’s route.
  • If you don’t meet the requirements to talk about casual sex to the succubus, a reminder is shown instead.
  • You can now visit the church on Sunday to get bored to death reduce your corruption. One longer scene on the first visit, after that it’s just a quick repeating scene.
  • You can now visit the mall to pray to the true God, Mammon, praise be unto His name buy random things. Or will be able to, in the future.
    • For now, players with over 50 corruption can access some more casual toilet sex. The scene options and conditions are shared with the school encounters.

Roadmap for 0.4.0

We’re making some progress if you look at the roadmap posted in the 0.3.0 post; more good ends and mall-related inventory shouldn’t take too long, hopefully. After that it’s back to slutting it up to named characters.