Version 0.3.3

Pacing, what’s that? I didn’t expect to have no free time to work on this in over 12 months, but that’s life for you. To ease myself back into writing, I skipped over the endings and mall-related stuff promised in the 0.3.0 announcement and instead filled out the content for the Be Ef Ef, John (no homo)

(maybe homo)

(totally homo)

(it’s not gay if he gets you pregnant)

It’s a rather substantial update, bringing the total word count (including script tags etc.) from roughly 30k to 40k:

  • You get to talk to him during your first “all-nighter” after starting to feminize and seduce him
    • Note that if you transition immediately, the first week will be blocked by Sarah’s introduction event, you can pick up the week after
  • Afterwards, you can have fun with him in the toilets – these are unique events, not recycled existing ones
  • Each “all-nighter” leads to a different set of scenes

Many of the scenes already make references to the clothes you ought to be able to get in the mall however, so we’ll be getting back on track with those next time. Hopefully before the end of the decade.

On top of that, I revamped the menu a bit. The goal has been from the start to make it compact enough to not get in the way when playing on phones or portrait-mode tablets, but it was a bit clunky with the variable-sized text, and lacked the forward/back buttons.

Everything’s remodelled to use visual icons now, making it compact enough to allow adding forward/back controls without making it overflow on phones like before.

On desktops, the icons also have tooltips, I still need to figure out what JS magics let me make them show up on mobile.