Version 0.3.5

Continuing down our journey on the roadmap, this update mainly focuses on Nathan’s good end. 4000-ish words, almost all in the ending itself.

To trigger his ending:

  • Have a femininity stat > 0 to unlock his route (culminating in the presentation he gives on the following Wednesday)
  • Have over 75% progress with the tome (not sure about this one – might go down to over 50%)
  • Have a corruption over 70 (too horny to work on the tome yourself) and below 90 (not too horny to care) – incest, rape, gangbangs and succubus sex raise corruption, church visits lower it

Then try to work on the tome again on a Saturday, and you have the option to hand it over to Nathan, locking you into his ending.

Other changes:

  • Endings are now named and numbered: 5 bad and 4 good endings are planned, 3 of each are reachable now:
    • Bad endings: Have soul-draining sex too often with the succubus (without first bribing her to have casual sex), fail your weekly review too often (have less than 500ml cum for several weeks), hit 100% corruption (see above for how)
    • Good endings: Finish the tome yourself (keep corruption below 70), give it too Nathan (see above), and – not yet written out – give it to John
  • The game now autosaves every night
  • Saves have better titles (including e.g. the day number)
  • A debug statement snuck into the sleep scene, it’s now been exorcised again
  • Femininity can no longer go over 100%. Nobody reported that bug, so I assume it doesn’t need retroactive fixing in old save games. It doesn’t break anything anyway, it just looks goofy.

With that, we’re only missing John’s good ending and toys from the 0.4 roadmap. The latter will introduce a new locale (the porn shop), which will probably be the focus for the 0.4.x patches.