Version 0.3.6

We’re hitting the home stretch for the roadmap to 0.4, with the last good ending now fully in: John’s ending broadly follows the same trajectory as Nathan’s did (both being the “true good” endings involving other people), but differs in the details, involving a lot of original writing (4000-ish words).

To trigger his ending:

  • Have over 75% progress with the tome (not sure about this one – might go down to over 50%)
  • Have a corruption over 70 (too horny to work on the tome yourself) and below 90 (not too horny to care) – incest, rape, gangbangs and succubus sex raise corruption, church visits lower it

Then try to work on the tome again on a Saturday, and you have the option to hand it over to John, locking you into his ending.

So, one less criterium needed to unlock (as John’s already close enough to the MC before the start of the story), and available regardless of phsyical transformation status (though the actual narration takes it into account and varies).

Other changes:

  • I changed the URLs for the online version to consolidate all my R18 stuff on one site. If you’ve played online and want to export the old saves, the old URL remains up but won’t receive further updates
  • You get a big fat warning when you choose your ending in the tome dialogues. Not quite necessary now, but bad endings will be added to that selection as well in the future.
  • Cock removal now actually removes the cock. Oops.