Version 0.3.7

Something I forgot on the the roadmap to 0.4 was the beauty salon. It’s been in the mall since 0.3.2, but didn’t do anything, and I figured I should wrap this up first, so I can officially consider the mall Feature Completeā„¢ and move on.

Once you started transforming and Nathan gave The Talk to the class, you can go there and the staff can try to work a miracle on your clueless boy ass. Doing do gives +1% feminization per day for the next 7 days, each visit renews that bonus.

The game also got a proper logo now, courtesy of Holtz, mainly to get the game on F95. As always, more art will depend on people putting money down over on ko-fi to fund commissions.

We also now have a Discord server. Invites will be rotated regularly to make it a little harder for spammers, grab a fresh one from the latest game version.

Other changes:

  • Shout out to LewdPrude over at TFGS for fixing approximately a billion spelling and grammar errors.
  • 6" penises are no longer considered tiny, as gesture of goodwill
  • Succubus punishments at the end of the week no longer have their severity inverted, you’re no longer getting punished harder the more you try. Too much realism.
  • You’re now reminded to put on a skirt if you look pretty enough.

Now we’re back on track for 0.4 and the porn store content.