Version 0.4.4

This update continues the prostitution story line started in 0.4.3, kicking off with another meeting with Vin in the porn store. From there on, the player gets an option to “sell” themselves on most evenings (except Sunday).

“Sell”, since this update won’t introduce any money handling: For it to make sense as an actual game mechanic (as opposed to padding out play time with grind), there need to be meaningful choices in the matter, both for earning and spending money.

That might come later, as various bits of the story get fleshed out, but for now, money is kept vague.

Less vague is what happens after money exchanged hands:

  • You can hire Vin (🍆 required)
  • You can offer services to two groups of customers

Between variations for repeat scenes and everything else, the update clocks in at a rough 8k words.

At least one more scene will come with the next update, together with a long overdue cleanup of the “Home” screen. It’s getting really damn cluttered with all the various things you can do there, and shoving the prostitution app in there didn’t help.

Now for the mandatory commercial break: I still plan on starting to add pictures early next year, the easiest way to speed this up is donating, either one-time or recurring:

Subscribestar will get the artwork-enabled builds first, from where it will ✨trickle down✨ through the magic of capitalism (and, most likely, piracy).

Text-only versions will remain free, and continue as per the roadmap; no changes here.

Full Changelog

  • The first visit to the porn store after meeting Vin will continue her story, and unlocks prostitution
    • Includes a small sex scene
  • Afterwards, you can open the prostitution menu at home during evenings and choose from three scenes:
    • You can hire Vin for some fun (🍆 required)
    • You can offer oral
    • You can offer DP (with a free spitroast thrown in on the first time)