Version 0.4.5

This update wraps up the prostitution story line started in 0.4.3, adding a vaginal sex option for players with the requisite equipment and corruption.

Other than that, the home screen (both the morning and evening variants) got redesigned, and the possible activities now are identified by emoji and grouped together. Those screens had been a mess forever, with their base structure unchanged since the first release, but every update adding new options to it. I hope things are a lot easier to find now, and we’ll have room to add new activities in the future:

Old versus new

Like the menu bar icons, these are just whatever emoji your local browser uses, so my ability to check their look and feel is limited. If anything is illegible, please let me know, and I’ll see what I can do. I don’t want to bloat up the game by including icon fonts and the like, unless it’s really necessary.

Speaking of redesigns, the text message bubbles got an overhaul (and actually work on all screen sizes now), and the prostitution scenes got reworked a bit to use them more. I’m still hesitant to go all in on having smartphone-addicted characters that spend too much time being terminally online (too realistic), so they’ll continue to be used sparingly, but a bit more than before.

In theory, the online version of Cambion should now also be a PWA, meaning you should be able to install it as an “app” on your home screen (which will just be a cached version of the game file). This is very much experimental though (I’ve no idea what happens when I push an update, e.g.), so please be careful with your save games, and report any issues you find.

Now for the mandatory commercial break: The first batch of art will be commissioned this week, to hopefully have the first art release at some point in the first quarter of 2024; the easiest way to speed up adding more art is donating, either one-time or recurring:

Subscribestar will get the artwork-enabled builds first, from where it will ✨trickle down✨ through the magic of capitalism (and, most likely, piracy).

Text-only versions will remain free, and continue as per the roadmap; no changes here.

The next release probably won’t yet have any artwork in it, but either the remaining toy scenes, or the last glory hole scenes; whatever got left out will be the in the update after it. So if all goes well, Q1 should see both the final 0.4.x patch, and the first artwork release.

Full Changelog

  • The final prostitution scene (femininity ≥ 70, corruption ≥ 60) is done
  • Hub screens got redesigned:
    • The 100% corruption game over now has priority over other home screen content, so you can’t miss it as easily.
    • Morning/Evening screens now have emoji icons for each activity, and activities are grouped by type
    • The “after school” screen also has emojis now, but not yet grouping, since there isn’t that many options to choose from (yet, anyway)
  • A bunch of scenes have their text message bubbles reworked
  • iOS, Android and most desktop users should in theory now be able to install Cambion as a web app – this is very much just a prototype, and probably will break
  • For the guys who like peeking at the raw game HTML, I restructured the source file’s folder structure, and now the compiler apparently randomizes the order of scenes. No idea if I can fix this.