Version 0.5.1

As laid out in the roadmap Sarah’s route is going to be a somewhat slow burn, this patch covers her first date (just don’t let her hear you call it that, she’ll die of embarrassment) and the aftermath.

This took a while to figure out how to write; the vague ideas I wrote down for her over four years ago now took a while to hammer into something approaching a coherent character arc.

One of the reasons why it ended up being so tricky is that Sarah is supposed to have some very narrow niche interests, which clashes a bit with the open sandbox nature of how much a player can transform. Maintaining her having some more specific preferences, while opening up her story line to MCs with different transformations, was a bit tricky, and it’ll take a few more patches to hammer out the alternate route, but the beginning is there.

Or, to be less vague: She really likes chicks with dicks. There’ll be an alternate all-lesbian route (after Vin introduces the MC to the wonders of strap- ons, and some soul-searching on Sarah’s part), but it’ll take a few more extra steps.

There’s currently no content at all for repeat visits or in school, that’ll come in the following few releases. At the current rate, most of her repeat content will be school-focused, with the sleepovers being more story-heavy, until you reached the end of her little arc.

In addition to that, desktop players now got keyboard shortcuts, thanks to work done by X Death over at f95:

The mobile UI needs some polish too, but that’ll take some more time. The main UI in general needs an overhaul, and there’s some stuff I want to experiment with, before I commit to anything.

Mandatory Commercial Break

On the subscriber side, things are getting a bite more lively again. Holtz got two new pictures done for the final prologue scene, which are included in the backer build of 0.5.1. That wraps up the prologue (for now, anyway), next up are the mirror images.

I will probably make the mirror images available for the free version sooner rather than later, they’re just way too important for immersion. The prologue images will remain subscriber-only until a second batch of subscriber images is done.

For that, I’ll probably put up a poll on subscribestar in the next weeks, once I got a rough idea of how we can “package” imagesets into reasonably sized chunks.

I’m grateful that both itch sales and subscribestar subscriptions are keeping up, and I’m still aiming for the 1-2 pieces of artwork per month. April got back on track thankfully, and I’ll try to keep it up.

Please subscribe if you can, or donate, or buy the current status on itch:

If you donated more than $5 on ko-fi, let me know on Discord, I’ll give you the current subscribestar build.

Full Changelog

  • Sarah’s first sleepover branches out into two different story lines, depending on whether or not the MC still has a cock. Around 6.5k words in total.
  • Contributions:
    • The game now supports keyboard navigation. It’s always supported, but the icons should only be visible on what browsers classify as “desktop” resolutions. If you rig up a bluetooth keyboard to your phone for some reason it’ll still work, you just won’t see the icons. Don’t complain about that, you’re weird for trying in the first place. On the other hand, if the icons do show up on a tablet/phone, please let me know. (Thanks to X Death)
    • LewdPrude fixed another shitton of dumb spelling and grammar errors, plus a few logic issues.
  • Subscribers: Raping the sleeping succubus during the prologue is still a bad idea, but you get nice pics for your trouble.
  • The remaining UI icons got tooltips now. Unfortunately, since they also are buttons, you can’t really use them on mobile, I’ll look into a different fix for it.
  • 4 new achievements to track Sarah’s introduction and branching paths.
  • Achievement reset now works for hidden achievements, so that “do all X” achievements don’t instantly re-trigger if you do any X after a reset.
  • Meta bug fix: Cambion’s WebWorker thingie, which is supposed to allow the game to be used as offline webapp on phones (and newer desktops), was accidentally also trying to cache this blog, which lead to people getting old versions of the landing page forever. That should be fixed now, too.
  • Blasphemy against the Lord’s name has been reduced by approximately 900%.