Version 0.5.0

As mentioned last time, there’s only two items missing from the roadmap:

  • Achievements
  • Sarah’s corruption route

Since Sarah’s route will take a while, and have achievements of its own, I figured I’d better get achievements sorted out first, and then start working on her route proper, putting in achievements as I go along. So for the first release, we have a… few… achievements to demonstrate the system:

…I might have gotten carried away a bit.

Achievements are intended to be a bit of a bucket list, to let people see if there’s anything missing that they might want to try out, either in the current playthrough or the next. Achievements do carry over between save games, and a lot of them are mutually exclusive (like paying/not paying during one-time story events, or endings), so missing one isn’t much of a problem. (Save scumming helps with some of them, and I won’t try to prevent that.)

That said, there is (and won’t be) any sort of ingame reward for 100%ing, because that would make it feel more like a mandatory chore than a fun challenge. Which brings us to the next big topic:

Roadmap to 1.0

The achievement system as it current is in the game is a first prototype. It works, in principle, but there are some rough edges, and some content is missing achievements entirely (pending improvements to make them feasible at all). These will be added over the course of 0.5.x, together with Sarah’s content:

  • Achievements:
    • Multi-step achievements (“do all X with Y”) need a way to visibly track your progress, currently it’s hidden in invisible variables.
    • With that in place, it’ll be much easier to add some more achievements of that style:
      • One for doing everything with John (both at home and in school)
      • One for doing everything in the glory hole
      • One for all masturbation scenes
      • One for all scenes with the parents
    • Plus a few more that can’t be unlocked until Sarah’s and the above ones are in
    • Plus, presumably, a load of bugfixes once people start trying to break it in ways I can’t even imagine right now
  • Sarah:
    • The initial sleepover date (0.5.1)
      • An extended intro for the lesbian path
    • She’ll get her own corruption stat, which will progressively unlock more of her content:
      • Various sex scenes with the MC (mf/ff/tf variants) during sleepovers
      • Various sex scenes with other characters
      • Various sex scenes with the MC in school
    • Two endings, good/bad depending on how much you corrupted her

After 1.0.0

With all that in, Cambion will finally have all the content and features in it that was originally planned (plus a few things that got adlibbed since then). It won’t be the end of its development, as already mentioned, merely the point where there’s about one of every kind of content in that is feasible in the constraints of the game’s framework (both in terms of narrative and code).

After that, I’ll open up further development to Subscribestar/Discord polls, to give people more input on how the game’s going to develop from there. With 1.0 in place, people will have a good baseline for those discussions.

Mandatory Commercial Break

On the subscriber side, things continue to be rather quiet – as mentioned before, the next batch of images got into the artists queue late due to a fuckup on my end, and with the holidays and all, it’s generally been a slow time. The speed should pick up again soon-ish, thankfully, and we should get the remainder of the prologue at least started for one of the releases this month.

I’m grateful that both itch sales and subscribestar subscriptions are keeping up, and I’m still aiming for the 1-2 pieces of artwork per month, hopefully we can get in 2 this month.

Please subscribe if you can, or donate, or buy the current status on itch:

If you donated more than $5 on ko-fi, let me know on Discord, I’ll give you the current subscribestar build. Itch has supported the paid release for a while now, and recently I’ve bumped the suggested pricing from the original $3 to the $5 that gives you the paid release automatically, so less people should end up accidentally not getting it. Sorry for the confusion!

Full Changelog

  • 39 achievements are in the game, see above screenshot for an overview
    • You get a pop-up when you unlock an achievement (only the first time)
      • If you unlock multiple achievements at the same time, they’ll be shown one after another, not in parallel.
    • You can check your achievement status both from the start screen, and from the bedroom mirror
    • Achievements carry over between save games and save scumming, and should be exported when you export games to disk
    • There’s a button to delete your achievement progress. It only gives you a second button, with a time delay, in a different area of the screen. I don’t want to hear any complaints that you managed to press both of them by accident.
  • Quite a few bugs were fixed when I went through random obscure content / mass- tested stuff I rarely touch, because it’s mostly self-contained:
    • The numbering of the good endings was off, now you no longer get “1/4” twice (Sorry John, you’re no longer number 1)
    • Getting your soul sucked out from “casual” sex as a fully female character no longer makes the bad end optional
    • Theological patch note: Soul Underflow Errors are no longer a thing.
    • The beauty salon no longer accidentally unlocks under some circumstances if you haven’t transformed yet.