Version 0.3.4

Filling in some of the mall-related stuff that 0.3.3 skipped over, you can now get clothes in the mall. As mentioned all the way back in the roadmap, this isn’t a fine-grained inventory system, rather you’re getting (for now two) pre-defined clothing sets that are automatically selected based on context. (Corruption stat, for the two in question.)

This comes with a few more changes:

  • Many existing scenes have slight variations, depending on the clothes worn
  • The clothes worn affect your ♀️femininity and 👿corruption stats over time
  • You get access to the female toilets. Using them affects your ♀️femininity too, and there’s some distractions available as well 👿

I also managed to make the tooltips work on mobile, yaaay.

With the bigger variety in scenes now available, corruption gain has also been toned down significantly. Actively raping others, incest, messing with the succubus herself, and gangbangs still increase it significantly (+5%, down from +10%), but other acts are now down to 1-2 rather than 5-10% increases.

The corruption increases at the start of the game haven’t been touched, those remain, as quick start shortcuts, and are now also properly labelled as such.