Version 0.4.3

This update mainly introduces a new recurring character: Your friendly neighbourhood hooker occasionally shows up in the porn store for some hands-on (and/or hands-in) advertisement, and the player can have some fun with her (and her clients) on their first meeting. In future releases, this’ll lead to a follow-up meeting where the player gets properly introduced into whoring themselves out.

Completely unrelatedly, there’s also a new scene in the glory hole, where a complete stranger blows the player (🍆 required). It’s a total mystery who that stranger could be.

Around 5k words in total; which brings the total to about 70k, which isn’t too bad, considering we hit 40k in August.

Now for the mandatory commercial break: I still plan on starting to add pictures early next year, the easiest way to speed this up is donating, either one-time or recurring:

Subscribestar will get the artwork-enabled builds first, from where it will ✨trickle down✨ through the magic of capitalism (and, most likely, piracy).

Text-only versions will remain free, and continue as per the roadmap; no changes here.

Full Changelog

  • I finally upgraded Sugarcube from a rancid 2019 build to the latest 2021 build. Nothing should’ve visibly changed, but I might have missed a bug or two.
  • The title screen should be a bit better organized now.
  • On visits to the porn store after the first one, there’s a 33% chance of running into Vintovka, as long as the player has at least 50 corruption. 🍆 availability permitting, you’ll get either one or two scenes involving her.
    • That’s all for her for now, recurring scenes will come in the next update
  • When trying to serve a single client in the glory hole, there’s a chance that the stranger on the other side will serve the player instead (🍆 required)