Version 0.4.9a

Whew. We’re finally through with buttplug variations for all the various scenes they can crop up with – all the sex scenes they could matter for have it now, and a few non-sex scenes mention them, where relevant.

That finally wraps up the 0.4.x patch series after about half a year. That’s a lot better than the 3 years that 0.3.x took, but it was a lot of rewrites for rather small features, and definitely felt longer than it should have. Though I just about managed to hit my prediction from early January, which isn’t too bad considering all the unexpected bullshit real life threw at me in the meantime.

I did sneak in two additional changes, mainly to give myself a break from thinking about buttplugs:

  • With how many ways you have to collect cum now, the weekly quota is starting to feel too easy. After a few weeks, an event will raise the quota from 500 to 1500 ml, which by that point should be fairly easy to meet.
  • Working on the tome now gives you a bunch of lore dumps. They explain a bit more about how MC ended up in such a sticky situation, and a few mechanical choices. It’s hardly the deepest of lore, but it covers things that got asked about repeatedly, so they’ve been on my todo list for a while.

Full disclosure, for the latter book-in-a-book sections I left turning my bullet points into vapid 18th century purple prose to ChatGPT, because I loathe that writing style and wouldn’t want to try myself at imitating it. The results are… okay, but I want to apologize in advance to any English majors. Given how hard I had to tard-wrangle ChatGPT to make even these few paragraphs semi-consistent and somewhat coherent, I doubt I’ll repeat that experiment any time soon, either.

Overall, the game keeps growing nicely:

  • 0.2.2: Around 19k words
  • 0.3.7b: Around 54k words
  • 0.4.9: Around 90k words (not counting 3k supplied by ChatGPT for the tome), plus 10 artworks provided by Holtz

On the subscriber side, things have been fairly quiet – I honestly forgot to file the next commission request after I got the artwork for 0.4.8 back, so it’s a bit deeper in the artist’s queue than usual and will take a bit longer. We’ve already hit the monthly target, so I didn’t want to try to rush it. Depending on how long 0.5.0 will take, subscribers might be getting an in-between release just for the next artwork or two.

I’m grateful that both itch sales and subscribestar subscriptions are keeping up, and I’m still aiming for the 1-2 pieces of artwork per month, even if this month is going to be on the low end. Please subscribe if you can, or donate, or buy the current status on itch:

If you donated more than $5 on ko-fi, let me know on Discord, I’ll give you the current subscribestar build. Itch now supports the paid release, so that should be available automatically.

As for the next text version, it’ll remain free as always, and will finally turn the attention to Sarah, the classmate who invites the MC to a sleepover.

This will be a major milestone, because her content – focusing on corrupting her and her family – will be the final area of content that I’ve had planned for what was going to be 1.0: The first version that has at least one scene with every character and game mechanic, so that people can get an idea for what the game could do in future releases.

So far I have stonewalled major feature requests that people gave as feedback, because I first wanted to show what the game can even do, so they can make a proper informed decision. Once the 0.5.x patches are done and all the content related to Sarah are in, I’ll throw up polls on Subscribestar and Discord to give players more control over where the game will go from there. I took plenty of notes in the meantime, and will present options for future content once we’re done with 0.5.x.

I’ll probably still jump from 0.5.x straight to 1.0, just to show people that the game no longer has any big “TODO” holes in it any more.

But that’s still a couple of months off either way, in the meantime stay tuned for bonding with your classmates. (And the promised achievement system, oops.)

Full Changelog

  • After 3 weeks of lazing around, the succubus decides to finally see what the modern world looks like, and decides to make her opinion of it your problem. Social media was a mistake.
  • Working on the tome now occasionally lets you read excerpts of it that explain the backstory and mechanics of the succubus and magic in general.
  • More buttplug content in:
    • Endings
    • Porn store scenes
    • John’s scenes
    • School and mall scenes
  • A few bugfixes, again:
    • A couple of scenes weren’t counted against the sex statistics
    • More typos were fixed that led to phantom vaginas and/or wombs popping up mid-sex
    • (That sounds a lot better than “I couldn’t count to 8”)

Hotfix 0.4.9a

Whoooooops. The initial release of 0.4.9 was completely broken, thanks to some interesting but stupid bug in my compiler pipeline, and ended up combining the UI of Cambion with the actual game content of Mom’s Boyfriend. Sorry for the confusion, all mirrors/downloads/online play are now fixed.