Now that (hopefully) all breaking bugs are fixed, it’s time to look forward.

Short term: 0.3

0.2 is mostly a skeleton, and the most obvious place is the voluntary transformations at the end of the week, that was a last-minute addition just to see if the system can work at all.

For the next major release:

  • Actual transformation scenes and content gating around transformations will be added, so e.g. losing your dick is actually acknowledged properly.
  • Ethan already has one scene variation in (shower orgy), that will be rounded off with lower corruption con/noncon scenes.
  • Toilet sex and masturbation scenes shouldn’t take too long either and will probably make it into 0.3 as well.

Long term: 1.0

Long-term, there’s a bunch more content planned for 1.0:

  • John will get scenes on the weekend and in school (0.3.3)
  • Sarah will help the MC get more feminine, and get a whole corruption route of her own that’ll eventually lead to threesome scenes with other males (planned for 0.5.x)
  • The porn store will offer glory holes, toys, and a small route for the player to whore themselves out (spread over 0.4.x)
  • Mall will have feminine clothes (of varying sluttiness) available, as well as random sexual encounters (spread over 0.3.x)
  • Most of the named characters will have distinct endings associated with them… not always good ones (split over various updates)
  • The church will let you reduce your corruption (0.3.2)
  • Tracking routes and endings via achievements will probably be necessary at that point so people have any idea of what’s going on
  • Sexual statistics also can’t hurt (0.3.2)

1.0 won’t be the end of development; but it’ll be a good point to take a break and see at what else people want to see in the game.


I’m already in talks with the guy who did the artwork on Mom’s Boyfriend to have him help with Cambion as well.

The sheer amount of variations needed due to the various transformations (and later, clothing variations) will make it a rather slow process, and thus expensive. If you like the game and want to speed up the process, please consider donating:

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Donations will go directly into commissioning artworks for Cambion.